The roar of Red deer stags in Autumn is an experience not to be missed...

September and October are an exciting time to be at Straloch when the Red deer rutt swings into action.  All around the forest bowl you can hear the primeval sound of the stags roaring.  Look up at the skyline and you will often see stags posing on the horizon.  All, by merely stepping out your back door. 

Straloch has a large population of Red deer and is a hind forest, meaning that hinds are resident all year.  Roe deer can often be seen grazing near the holiday houses in the early morning or at dusk.  

Red squirrel and brown hare abound.  Other less visible species, such as otter, pinemarten and the elusive Scottish Wildcat, can be detected from their signs: guided walks are available to show you what to look for.  Our "Poos and Clues" walk is particularly popular with children! We can also organise pond dipping and sweep netting for discovering the fascinating smaller creatures that live here.  

Damsel and dragon flies are a wonderful feature of summer, as well as butterflies, including the Pearl-bordered fritillary.

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